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Anne Frank Chapter 1.

Teaching Point : To understand the Context in which Anne Frank’s family went into hiding and the world in which her diary was written. 


The Franks were a Jewish family originally from Germany, where Anne was born in 1929. Anne’s father, Otto, had come from a wealthy background, but his family’s fortune was lost after World War I.

In 1933 the Franks moved to the Netherlands to escape Nazi persecution. Adolph Hitler had taken power and had begun anti-semtic policies in germany. The family lived in relative peace until 1940, when Germany occupied the Netherlands and imposed stringent anti-Semitic laws. These new measures prohibited Jews from riding streetcars, forced Jews to attend separate schools, imposed boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses, and required Jews to wear yellow stars to identify themselves as Jewish. The quality of life of even highly assimilated Jews, like the Franks, became precarious. Within two years after these anti-Semitic laws were imposed, many Jews in the Netherlands were harassed, arrested, and sent to concentration camps where they were herded together and killed. The Franks and other well-connected families were able to heed warning signs in time to make arrangements to go into hiding. This decision put their own lives and the lives of those who cared for them at great risk.

The diary image

I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.

What does Anne mean by this quote? Explain?

Compare and Contrast Life of a Slave/Free person

Teaching Point: Student will understand how the life of a slave is different from their own lives.PastedGraphic-3 Enslaved people went through many hardships as the “property’ Of other people.  Many slaves worked from sunrise till sunset, resting only during meal times.  Slaves received no pay. Young children had to work and could not got to school. Slaves were severely punished for no reason or just a simple reason like not working fast enough. This punishment was usual physical. Slaves had little to eat and dressed in rags, often did not have shoes. Slaves could not choose their own Job. Slaves were often separated from their families at a young age. The only thing a slave had in his life that was positive was his family. But they could be sold away. Even running away on the Underground railroad meant leaving your family usually forever.

Read the Above Paragraph. Considering what we have read and what this paragraph states tell me how your life is different from a slave? Cite evidence from our Book on Harriet Tubman, film and other readings. How is your life different from that of a slave?

Discovering the Underground Railroad

PastedGraphic-2Slavery  And the Importance of the  Underground Railroad

To be slave. To be owned by another person  as a car, house or table is owned. To live as a piece of property that could be sold — a child from it’s mother, a wife from her husband.

Justin Lester – To be a Slave.

The common thread binding all enslaved people was the fact that the had no legal rights. slaves were considered property  which could be bought and sold at anytime.

Slaves could not own property.

By law it was illegal to  teach a slave to read and write.

Slaves could not marry.

Slaves had no rights over their children. (their children could be taken)

Slaves could not practice their own religion

Slaves could not come and go as they pleased.

As we know the Underground railroad was not actually a train operating along hidden railroad tracks. Instead it refers to an idea. The Underground Railroad refers to  the efforts of enslaved African Americans  to gain  their freedom through escape and flight- and the assistance of people who opposed slavery and willingly chose to help them escape– through the end of U. S. Civil War.

Enslaved African Americans chose to escape because they desired their freedom slave masters was nice or mean.  Wherever slavery existed, enslaved persons escaped.  Enslaved African American who chose to resist slavery by running away were called fugitive slaves, but can more accurately be called Freedom seekers.

Ms. M’s class a Recap of what we have read so far.

Recap on our book we have been reading

1. Chapter 1 We are back with PeeTAh ( like Fudge says )and his family.  Well they are having a new baby and Peter is not happy and considers running away.

2. Here comes Tootsie the baby is born a girl. and Fudge decides he wants to be the baby, Hides Tootsie in the closet a

and begins wetting the bed again.

3. Peter is getting used to Tootsie kind of likes her, and Fudge has stopped trying to be the baby, but Bam Peter gets hit with the “news” They are moving to Princeton, New Jersey. He is not happy, no vacation to Maine Goodbye to his friends (even Shelia, well maybe that is not so bad) just straight to New Jersey. 41W6MHBN3ZL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

What does Freedom mean to me?

From the Discovery the Underground Railroad Junior Ranger Activity book:

We have been looking at the Underground Railroad and slavery in America. Today give me a paragraph about what Freedom means to you. Are you free? What makes you free? Why is freedom so important to human beings. PastedGraphic-2PastedGraphic-1

Typing Games

Typing Games