Ms. M’s class a Recap of what we have read so far.

Recap on our book we have been reading

1. Chapter 1 We are back with PeeTAh ( like Fudge says )and his family.  Well they are having a new baby and Peter is not happy and considers running away.

2. Here comes Tootsie the baby is born a girl. and Fudge decides he wants to be the baby, Hides Tootsie in the closet a

and begins wetting the bed again.

3. Peter is getting used to Tootsie kind of likes her, and Fudge has stopped trying to be the baby, but Bam Peter gets hit with the “news” They are moving to Princeton, New Jersey. He is not happy, no vacation to Maine Goodbye to his friends (even Shelia, well maybe that is not so bad) just straight to New Jersey. 41W6MHBN3ZL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

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