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Chapter Update: Ms. M’s Class

41W6MHBN3ZL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_In the last couple of chapters The Hatcher’s have moved to Princeton, Peter got a new friend and started a worm business with them and both Peter and Fudge started school. Everybody rides their bikes to school so, so does Peter.

Peter has a good start but not so Fudge he kind of gets thrown out of the first Kindergarten class because the teacher insists on calling him Farley. Climbs on a cabinet and won’t get down so they transfer him  to  new Kindergarten, of course they call Peter to the principals office to help with Fudge. We are on page 75.


Ben Franklin :

Tell me what you have learned about Ben Franklin  from our book Ben Franklin and The Magic Squares? Use these questions to guide your writing:

What was special about Ben Franklin?

What made him stand out?

List at least 5 of his accomplishments?