What we learned so far:

The American Revolution: was fought because the members of the 13 colonies  wanted to have representation in the government. Events like the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party led to the first Shot Heard around the World and the American Revolution. Eventually George Washington led the American colonies to victory over England.the-american-revolution-george-everett

Now what do we do?

Well the colonist did not want a strong federal government at first that would act like a King, but they recognized that they would need some form of government So they came up with the idea that they would give individual States most of the rights in their first governing document called the Articles of Confederation. ArticlesOfConfederationThis left most of the laws and rule up to each individual state.

The Articles of Confederation gave the colonists more  freedom to make decisions, have a voice in their government, and make friends with other nations.  But there was a problem. The cooperation between the States was not strong or consistent. George Washington and several others felt they needed a stronger government that unified the states.

Some problem with the Articles of Confederation

No taxes:

You have to remember why the 13 colonies went to war against England because of taxes.

*The Articles of Confederation gave the Federal government no power to ask each state for money to run things like an army or enforce laws, Laws could be made but not enforced.

*Also there was no way or authority to resolve conflicts between states. The Federal government was in no way in charge of the country.


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