Ms Brassfield’s and Ms. Dimeo’s Class

We like to say that the 3 branches of government replaced King George. That  this

                                                                       Was replaced by this

In a Monarchy  the King or Queen rules. The only ideas represented are the ideas of the king.  They have all the power. In our form of government a Representative Democracy  we vote for our leaders and all voters ideas are represented. In a Monarchy all the power is concentrated in the in the hands of the King or Queen. They come up with the ideas. They make the laws. They enforce the laws and only they can change the laws.

In the 3 Branches of government the power is shared between the three  branches.  The Legislative branch (The Senate and the House of Representatives) come up with the ideas and they get these ideas from the voters ( constituents) They propose laws to the next branch in a written paper called a bill. The idea is  not law yet a bill is an idea that can become a law. The Executive Branch which includes the President and Vice President can sign the bills and make them a law. He can also veto the bills and that means the bill will not become a law.  The Legislative branch can override the Veto if they have enough votes in the Congress. The 3rd branch of government is the  Judicial Branch  and includes federal courts and the Supreme Court, The highest court in the land. The Job of the Supreme court is to make sure that all laws and lower courts do not violate the rules of the Constitution. They can get rid of a law if it goes against the rules of the Constitution.

Each branch has it’s own job. And all 3 branches check the power of the other 2 branches.

 Here is a link to the Icivic game about the 3 branches of Government. 

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