Ms. Roche: 11/13/150

veterans_day.jpgLearning Target: I can explain what a Veteran is.  I can name  the 5 branches of the military. I can respond to questions in a short paragraph on our blog.

Watch the Brainpop movie on the Armed Forces:
Keep in mind the questions below.

Answer the following questions in a paragraph.

What are the 5 Branches of the Military?

What jobs do the Armed Forces do?

Why are they Important?

A Veteran is someone who is soldier.

Tell why you think we celebrate Veteran’s Day.


One response

  1. The veterans are homeless,because they come home from work in the war exhausted,tired and sleepy,or they never spend time with family or their children at home,or they lost a custody of their children or their house so they have live at an apartment,separated from their family or children. So we should do a donation for the homeless veterans.

    November 23, 2015 at 11:44 am

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