The Mayflower Voyage


Learning Targets: I can define what a Pilgrim/Separatist  was and can give specific details about why they chose to come to the New world.


Review Vocabulary before we begin taking our Virtual tour of the Mayflower Voyage.

  • Mayflower: a small wooden ship that carried the Separatists from England to the New World.
  • North America, A Continent (one of the seven continents ) in the West of Europe, North of South America
  • Atlantic Ocean the ocean (a large body of water) between Europe and North America.
  • New World, after Columbus voyage to the Americas, Europeans called North and South America the New World.
  • Religion a strong belief in god or  powers that control life.
  • Freedom the state of being free, you can do what you want within the bounds of reason.
  • Persecution  causing someone to suffer
  • England the country in Europe that the Separatists came from .
  • Separatists we know them as the Pilgrims, a group of people who left England They wanted to be Separate from King James’ Church of England.
  •  Colonists a person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country

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