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Jackie Robinson And Rosa Parks

Learning Target: I can make comparisons and  answer opinion questions .

Read the piece on Jackie Robinson and watch the Short film.

Consider and compare Jackie’s refusal to give up his seat on a segregated bus in the military  to the act of protest Rosa Parks would take over 10 years later. In your opinion was Jackie’s act an act of protest? Think about it…

click on the exit ticket and respond to the question in the ticket







Rosa Parks, did she break the law?

L.T. I can  answer fact and opinion questions

Login to your Brainpop Account and Watch the Rosa Parks movie.

Answer the following questions

What was segregation?

What did Rosa Parks do?

Did she break the law?





Click on the picture to watch the moviePastedGraphic-1

Click on the exit ticket and answer the questions.PastedGraphic-2To read more here is a post on the blog from 2006