Review and Kahoot it!

Take the quiz here Kahoot it   Linda Brown was a little girl  who lived in Topeka, Kansas. She was African American. She was 8 years old in 1954.  Schools in  Topeka PastedGraphic-2

Kansas in 1954 were segregated.  There was a  school across the street from her house. It was a white school.

PastedGraphic-3 The black school was 9 blocks away, across railroad tracks. Linda was told that she had to go to the black school. Her parents were angry about this. Why should their little daughter have to walk 9 blocks and cross dangerous railroad tracks  to get to school? PastedGraphic-4

So they decided to sue in court so that Linda Brown could go to the all white school near her house. She lost in the Kansas State Court but her lawyers requested that the Supreme court hear this case. This was the same court that had heard the case of Homer Plessy.  Her lawyers said that the 14th Amendment said that everyone was equal under the law and had the same rights. So this meant Linda Brown had as much right as a white child to attend a public school closest to her house. They said the 14th Amendment said you could not have segregation.

And They won.

The U.S. Supreme Court said that it was no longer legal to have separate (segregated) schools.



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