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Jeopardy Reveiw Ms. Saroya’s Class

 Just  a quick Review to refresh you for Jeopardy

1.Why did Rosa not finish  High school what happened in her family?

 Her mother got sick. She left her elementary school because it closed and went to the big city where she saw more segregation because there were more people.

2 What is another word for segregated ? separated

3 The two big cases we need to remember are

Plessy Vs. Ferguson and  Brown V. Board of education

Plessy Vs Ferguson is the story of Homer Plessy’

Homer Plessy a light skinned black man  who boarded a train in Louisiana went in the white section. He wanted to get arrested so he could challenge the segregation laws But he lost the Supreme court ruled segregation was legal with the words Separate but equal.  they made this ruling probably because they had been slave owners. This ruling made segregation legal.

Linda Brown was a black  8 year old girl who wanted to go to the alls white  school near her house not 9 blocks away crossing a dangerous railroad. She challenged the segregation laws  and won.

4. What does separate but equal mean?

That it was legal to segregate as long as you provided a place for African Americans to do the activity that was segregated  example ride the bus, eat in a restaurant got to school etc

5. Rosa was born in the town of Pine Level Alabama

 6. Rosa mother was a teacher

7. Rosa’s Grandparents were the only African American Family who owned their farm in Pine Level Alabama. The rest of the farmers rented the farm land from white farmers so they did not make much money on what they grew on their farms  this was called tenant farming.

 8. The Boyctott lasted 381 days

9. Martin Luther King Jr chose to lead the boycott had his house firebombed during the boycott.

10. What is the Supreme Court. It is the highest court in the land. They  have 9 judges and use the Constitution our Rule book to decide their cases.

11. The 13th Amendment freed the slaves

       The 14th Amendment gave African American (ex-slaves) equal rights

        The 15th Amendment gave male ex-slaves  the right to vote.

12. Rosa was thrown off the bus for refusing to board the bus in the back and it was the same bus driver both times

13. The Klu Klux Klan was  a terrorist group that attacked African Americans and other minorities  in the south what was this group  called

14. Voting was made difficult for African Americans often they had to take a test/ pay money or guess something to be able to vote. Rosa had to take a difficult test . White people were not required to do anything to vote.

15 The NAACP  is an organization that fights for equal rights for African Americans and other minorities.


Jeopardy Rules: 

  1. Teamwork Work Together to answer. 
  2. Each team member gets a chance to choose question
  3. Be respectful of your teammates and the other team
  4. Be quiet when other teams turn

No over celebrating

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