Democracy with a D

Here are the review notes from the Brainpop movie.

Democracy began in Ancient Greece a tiny country in the south of Europe


Democracy means  rule by the people. Demos means people – Kratos means power in the greek language. Power to the people.

In ancient Greece they had what is called  a  Direct Democracy. This means every person gets to vote on every law and helps make every decision.

In ancient Greece the only people that could vote were men who owned land, were born in the Greek city of Athens and were not slaves.

In ancient Rome they had what is called a Republic or a Representative Democracy. 

In a republic or representative democracy people vote for people to represent them who will  vote directly on laws and issues.

A Direct Democracy  works well only with a small group of  people,  in a small country where the number of people is small.

For a large group of people a Republic works  better because there are too many people to get a direct vote on every issue. People would spend all their time voting and counting millions of votes in a country like the USA where there are over 330 million people.

A monarchy is a form of government where they have a King, he has all the power,  no one votes.

A dictatorship is like a monarchy as in one man rules and holds all the power no one votes.

We in the USA live in a republic which means we pick leaders who will vote for laws and on issues. This is a representative form of government.


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