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Halloween Activities

Below Take our Halloween Polls

Garfield Halloween Game

Carve a pumpkin 

Nick Halloween Games

Halloween Puzzl

Halloween Games II


Do a search for Halloween Graphics in google images

Using Halloween words, such as trick or treating ect.

Here are the steps

1 Find at least 3 photos you want to you save them to your desktop

2Then go to the link on the blog

3.then upload the photo.

Then hit make the Gif

Download Gif to your computer on your desktop and I will be able to pick it up and host on our blog!

Election Day

Christopher Columbus

Write 3 sentences of things you learned about Christopher Columbus

What is the job of the president?

Job of the President 


Write 4 sentences that describe 4 different parts of the president’s Job. Make sure they are complete sentences. Watch the Brainpop Movie for  ideas and or use the  of  above prezi for information. Bonus question what do you think is the most important part of the president’s job?pastedgraphic-14

Electoral College

While it is true we vote for president. We do not do this directly. We vote for Electors who then vote for president.  Let us take a look at how the electoral college works. There are 538 electors to match the number of senators 100 and representatives 435 plus 3 for Washington D.C. We have the electoral college because our founding fathers did not trust the popular vote.

Electoral College 

Halloween Links

History of Halloween

Below Take our Halloween Polls

Garfield Halloween Game

Carve a pumpkin 

Nick Halloween Games

Halloween Puzzl

Halloween Games  

Halloween Games Dracula

Halloween Games Weebly



Halloween Contest

 The Annual Halloween Story contest is Back….pumpkin-icon-1

All you writers get out your pens, hit the keyboards and write…..


A one-page typewritten story, or poem about the scariest day of the year, No not state test Day.

    We mean Halloween. 

Story/Poem can be scary, thoughtful, or funny. All stories must be original. 

Submitted no later than October 264h to Ms. Broderick. All entries will be posted on the blog and some lucky people will win cash prizes. 

So go ahead and write your story… hope it is not too scary …. I scare easily. Good Luck!



Why were we off yesterday? click on the picture to find out?



What Makes a Good Leader

As we are in a presidential election year our first writing contest is about  leadership. So what makes a good leader well here are what the students of  P.S.373R thought. We have some great Submissions. to Read them click on the comments button. Leave a comment if you enjoy the writing.


Mr.Sullivan’s class why do Leaves Change color?

Why Do Leaves Change Color? Click on the Link and learn all

about it.

Some Useful vocabulary

Chlorophyll  Cartenoids Photosynthesis


Photosynthesis Prezi pastedgraphic-4