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Electronic Circuits how they work


Let’s watch the Movie on Electric Circuits and compare what we have learned so far.

Part 2 lets use pencils to  connect our Makey Makey . First you have to color in our paper with  with Pencil (graphite) to the edge of the paper. Make sure no empty spaces. then attach your Makey Makey to the paper and choose a site to show.

Questions: If the Makey Makey works what does that tell you about graphite (pencil lead) and electricity?

We will break into groups and see how this works.



Virtual Valentines From My Students!

  To Mom Love Ryan D. 7hbazhtby8zonkwl0dclrbxipvea4viodcmtyjho2afaxk544tpa1hb4kq6al4ppkeeizxycu2iqtmp8h5tchghnd4awlaxgiyausyem04lbaldsh83r4vogtbogbaqa7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTo Mom Love Kasaiy4crtj0z2dpilafg1dtaebmbaxabdbbjibdrqqqiaehpzqaa1qvjxbcoj0iuwhruhwsmyhxjboc2hqag9jvdhfgihpoulhhivwzglmodajy5o5ggonitgxxhiucpdaarokvnjph1mk2kvjypqkaame8osqbqxllfnptjjad7791ptuboq0nnqbaqa7aaaaaaaaaaaaaa To Ms. Nicole Love Kasaiy4crtj0z2dpilafg1dtaebmbaxabdbbjibdrqqqiaehpzqaa1qvjxbcoj0iuwhruhwsmyhxjboc2hqag9jvdhfgihpoulhhivwzglmodajy5o5ggonitgxxhiucpdaarokvnjph1mk2kvjypqkaame8osqbqxllfnptjjad7791ptuboq0nnqbaqa7aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

To Mom Love Julianhtb3rlbicakk0r68eailsia69i2uvk8boico8ab1iitrrcpuieil8m5dgqavueldzkhlqjn5zbgjhdceegv0qievkaeq4iamyaaoaiesyieaqadxkbjvybh7mescaf6hfcfye68mu9kst8yxqigrjuicysieriae2oaoeietgiecqay3ygsewgv2miep9qanwia

To Ms. Riseleyimage

 To Ms. Riselydownload image

 To Ms. Nicole p558kipityirlutavs5dq88qiipjgan6ijlgha2i2upuvts4ghl76qcvcirodiaexrxrblsxpjggadsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa To Mom Love Diamonddownload

To Dad Love  Cecretunknown

To Mom Love Zaire

To Mom Love Sean sean-to-mom

To  Mom Love Patrick 


To  Mom Love Nakieta nakieta-mom-and-grand-mom

To  Mom Love Adonis mr-booker

To  Mom Love Kyaierkyaier-from-mom

To  Mom Love John  jon-to-mom

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To  Mom Love Deon dion-to-mom

To  Mom Love Bruce bruce

To  Mom Love Love Brandon brandontomom

To  Mom Love Khamillia khamillia-for-mom-gif

To My Family Love Nickayla


To Mom Love Antwoine153977-happy-valentine-s-day-from-a-distance

To Xavier From Ayden 


To My Family Love Ephraim download

To Mom and Dad Love DeMarcus


To Mom love Nayshawn


To Mom Love Isaiah image

imageTo All the Animals of the world Love Zah Mere



To Mom Love Aaliyah 


To Mom Love Demracus


 To Mom Love Tayshawn 


To Mom Love Jayden


To Diamond From Your Friend Trayvon


To Ephraim your Friend Angela


To Mom And Dad Love Isaiah



Make a Gif for someone you love and I will host it for you

I made this for my dog Applejack You can make one two here using this software. I will host them on the blog!

Here is the Link to make one of your own himage (1)ttp://

HHere are the steps

1 Find at least 3 photos you want to you save them to your desktop

2Then go to the link on the blog

then upload the photo.

Then hit make the Gif

Download Gif to your computer on your desktop and I will be able to pick it up and host on our blog!

image (1)

Use our Word Template to compose a Valentines Day Letter

valentine-day valentine-day


click on the link to open our Valentines day Letter template

We are learning how to utilize Microsoft Word to compose letters, write reports etc..

Click on the link and follow directions to create a letter to someone special.

More about Electricity!!!!!

Watch the Brainpop movie On Electricity

Blog What you learned here.

BInary Tell me what it means? 2/5

After watching the Brainpop Movie and doing the quiz. As a class leave me  a comment telling me what you learned.

Thanks Ms. Broderick.

Makey Makey Today we wire in groups

I can understand how a simple circuit works.

Here is your task: Wire the Makey Makey to extend the circuit outside the computer to make a circuit  that includes you and the Makey Makey board.

Remember what you need for a circuit. Power source + electron flow + conductor for the electrons to flow on +Load that will use the electron flow. And most important the circuit cannot be broken.

Assemble your materials

  1.  Index card Here is where you will build your Play doh controller
  2. play will be used for the controlspastedgraphic-3
  3. computermacbookpropastedgraphic-13pastedgraphic-4
  4. Makey Makey___________________________________________