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Circuit and edison pdf and Stem fair

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Review and Test of DC circuits

Today we are doing some field testing of our knowledge of a basic circuit.

First Background information A simple circuit is like a circle of electricity. Electrical energy travels through the circuit from a source (battery) along a path (wire) to an appliance (light bulb). Energy will continue to flow as long as the circle is complete. The battery has two poles (+ and -) and the appliance has two contacts.

Watch the Brainpop movie on Simple Circuits

Read and fill out answers to Circuit fill in  sheet together in your group

2/ when you finish. Construct a simple circuit using the Edison Light up KIt.

you will need


  1. Reader reads the directions

  2.  Building Forman person who assembles  pieces needed out of the kit to do a build

  3. Builder Construction Worker person who builds

  4. Verification Officer Verifies that the circuit works using the Ipad

edison links

Watch three of these movies on electricity

Typing Practice For Ms. Jen’s Class

Lessons on Tesla, Edison DC Current AC Current


Answer These Questions on Edison .

  1. How did people light their houses before electricity?
  2. What is a filament?
  3. What substance did Edison decide to use in the light bulb??
  4. What is a power station?

Typing Continued for Ms. Jen’s class