Circuit and edison pdf and Stem fair

SocialNarrative_D75_STEMfair (1)Untitled 7 copy

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  1. Nasir Adams

    Nikola tesla invented AC currant that uses a transformer that makes the currant rise and go into someones apartment.once ac currant was invented DC currant was not used. DC currant was powered by three or more power plants that are very close to apartments. And the generators were unstable they were not because they cause sparks to strike witch could cause fires and injure people.When Nikola tesla made ac currant he made a generator that has a transformer that lets the power flow through this generator was safe and much more stronger. Tesla worked for Edison and Edison was getting hostile because of how tesla was telling how the AC currant was more safer then DC currant Edison didn’t like this idea because he was losing money so tesla stopped working for Edison.

    June 20, 2017 at 8:45 am

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