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Writing your essay

You are writing an essay on  “Who is your favorite genius, Edison or Tesla?

1st paragraph introduce your choice with major details.Tell us why you like him. What makes him your favorite.

2nd paragraph Talk about what your genius did

3rd paragraph restate why you chose him as your favorite genius.

So Just who was your favorite inventor? Writing Contest $$$$ prizes.

Tell me who was your favorite inventor was of these two guys and why in no less than  5 – 10  sentences?  Tell me about their work and what they  invented  and why you like them best.  If you need a refresher you can watch the brainpop movies here.

Thomas Edison  –  Thomas Edison Biography for kids

Nikola Tesla

Best Writing wins a shirt (limited sizes)

After all my classes right by next Thursday three entries win  1st place 10 dollars, 2nd place 5 dollars and 3rd place 2 dollars. Everyone has to write. So go ahead write to win.