Brain Pop Variables

Watch the BrainPOP movie on Variables
Var-oom! Variables are the key to making coding more efficient. These handy labels help programmers store important bits of information in coding languages like JavaScript. Declare a value for the variable; then access it anytime just by typing the variable’s name. No more repeating long strings of text! You can name variables anything you want, and add, remove, or modify values to suit your needs. But it’s not a total free-for-all. As with all coding, a bug can freeze a program in its tracks if instructions aren’t written in the right order.

A variable, in the context of programming, is a symbolic name given to an unknown quantity that permits the name to be used independently of the information it represents. Variables are associated with data storage locations, and values of a variable are normally changed during the course of program execution. Variables represent all kinds of data,

Watch the Brainpop Movie here.

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