Flowcab on “Events” In code.

Lets Kahoot  Here

What is an Event? Flowcab answers this question nicely!  https://www.flocabulary.com/unit/coding-events/vocab/


noun – an action that causes something else to happen in a computer program.

The video paused in response to the event of me pressing the spacebar.

Action (noun) something performed by a user that causes a program to respond.

The action of me clicking the icon caused the program to launch.

Event handler (noun) a bit of code that listens for a discrete event and executes a given reaction when the event occurs.

The event handler makes my character jump when I press the m key. In pseudocode, it reads “when m pressed, character jumps.”

Interactive (adjective) allowing two-way communication between a computer and a person.

Most computer games are highly interactive.

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