Let’s turn the Google Doodle into a game . Watch Directions here:

Learn how to have the laters chase your mouse.

Choose a sprite. Step 1.  Choose forever and point towards mouse pointer

Step 2  a motion block move 10 step Step 3:   get an if block * what kind of a code is an if block?
 Step 4 go to the Sensing Menue and get a touching Color block 

One response

  1. Kasai

    conbtionais are if or then saymet to make a cos and afek if you get in then ti will get stuk then you get cat get out of the lever . the biock in is a conditional . we deut go out sidu cou and a fetu it was rein out sidu and osu we had to wach the move. and taht is condonisa . the end.

    April 19, 2018 at 12:18 pm

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