Our D75 Tech Project Intrepid June 13th

Let’s delineate exactly the perimeters of our project.

Here are our student’s impressions of our project thus far:

Malachi: Our project is about the One World Trade Center, Empire State building, Freedom tower. The Flat Iron building and the Statue of liberty. The Statue was a present from the US from France. We are creating  map of New York City and using Ozobots to travel from building to building. We are in the process of creating the building out of Lego and Puzzles.


Nayshawn: Our project is about the Freedom tower Statue of Liberty and Flat Iron building. And we are going to use Ozobots to take us through the city. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France . We are using the Ozobots two ways we will navigate using Blockly code and the optical color code.

Secret: I think our project is about The Statue of Liberty and it history and how France gave it to us for our hundredth birthday. One France first gave it to us it was copper colored but now it is green. We are also using  Ozobots. Ozobots are like mini-cars but they use code. We are dressing them up like cabs and coding them to trade from landmark to landmark.

Tysean: Our project is about  Using Ozobots get around the city that we made ourselves of Legos, puzzles and different objects. It could get hard because we need to code the Ozobots to around Manhattan from Land mark to Land mark. Ozobots follow color coded dark lines and and use Blockly.  We will use the Ozobots to showcase The Statue of Liberty , Freedom tower and other landmarks.

Mr. Harris:

Our project  is to use Legos 3d puzzles costumes like the the Statue of Liberty and Ozobots in a mini taxi costume> Our project is to make a mini model of Manhattan and have the Ozobots travel using color code and Blockly code. The Ozobots will tour Manhattan.


Our project is about New York city . The amazing place with it’s tall buildings, law offices and cars. The World trade center is the best building It has tons of security systems and is a long as the original Twin  towers. It took 8 years to build and cost billions of dollars. I think this the project it is inspiring us to really learn about the way the history of these buildings. We are using Ozobots to code using color and block code to get from building to building.

Kaylaysha  Sanchez:

I think our project is abs the  important places in New York city.We are using puzzle legos and other things to build models of important buildings. While learning  all about these buildings. The Ozobots  represent us traveling around the city. So far we have learned about The Statue of liberty, The Freedom Tower and We will be using the Ozobots to travel from building to building.

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