Writing Contest

Write a one-page essay telling me what your Time at P.S. 373 has meant to you. There are Cash prizes for the best entries. Blog you piece here 


11 responses

  1. Being at this school has meant a lot to me. When I came here I had a lot of behavior problems that is not the case anymore. I remember my first days here they seem a long time ago. The first day I was in Ms. Sacchieris class I remember I told her it was my birthday. But it was not my birthday. Ms. Saccheiri celebrated and when she found out she did not get mad. I spent two years in Ms. Sacchieris class and she really helped me a lot. Mr. Ralph is another person who has really helped me with my behavior and he has helped me become a really good basketball player. My last year was spent in Mr. Mac’s class. He has been a good teacher and really helped me get my math level up to a sixth-grade level. He has also worked with me on improving my reading. He has been a good teacher.
    I also want to talk about Ms. Broderick. She is so caring it is not even funny. She got me presents for my birthday and I am so happy for having her. A lot of other people here I have helped me be better. Mr. Robert’s has helped me get to the school I want to. And that school is IS 61.
    On the whole, this school helped me become a better person, get my behavior under control. They did this because they have a lot of caring teachers here. That has been my experience here. I am really thankful for all of them.
    By Isaiah James.

    June 18, 2018 at 10:24 am

  2. This is the story of My school years at P. S. 373R. Well as you know I have done a lot of stuff here. I also have a lot of friends here. I am going to miss many of my friends and some of the teachers. This is a small list of the people who I will miss, Jacob, Eiljah Harris Xavier, Nayshawn Tysean, and Robert. Now here is a list of the teachers I will miss, starting of course with Mr. Raj, Ms. Cook, Ms. B, Ms. Broderick and Mr K. These are some of the people I will miss and hopefully they will miss me as well. That is what P.S373R has meant to me and that is the story of my school year, people I will remember and people I will miss.
    By Alexis Lasso

    June 19, 2018 at 7:39 am

  3. Hi my name is Tysean I go to the school P.S.373R. Let’s start from the beginning. When I first started here I hated this school. I did not know anyone because I was new to the school. There were lots of fights and times I tried to act tough. This was when I was in the 4th grade, yes that is when I came to this school. I did bad things and things went wrong. But now I am in the 5th grade. I was terrible but now I am good again. Lets put it like this I was slotted to go to IS 7, because my behavior was not good enough, then IS61 if I improved and due to my behavior I will be going to IS 61 I really like all the teachers here, Ms. B. Ms. Cook, and Mr. Raj. When I go to IS 61 I don’t know what it will be like. But I will do what I did here and try my best. My favorite subjects are Computers and Math. I will miss everyone here. By Tysean Walker

    June 19, 2018 at 7:52 am

  4. Greg

    What I know about holes is that the warden heard a gunshot so people rushed in the cabin zigzag and caveman were fighting. Zigzag wanted to get Stanley in trouble so he told the warden that zero has been digging some of Stanley’s hole. The warden said no digging each other holes.mom handed zero a shovel then wacked mom a cross the head. This is what I know about holes.

    June 19, 2018 at 10:22 am

  5. Hi my name Is KIalaysha I go to the school P.S.373R. I am in the 5th grade. Lets start at the beginning when I first came to P.S.373R I hated this school. But then I began to make a new friend and I like the teacher Ms. Saroya. She was Super nice. In Ms. Saroya’s class we did math and then ELA (Which is writing and I liked it because it is fun to write. )We did read stories but sometimes the work was boring.
    When I was in the 4th grade I was in Mr. Knudson class. He was my teacher but we called him Mr. K. We did the same thing in his class but the work was much harder there.
    Now my fifth grade teacher was Ms. Cook she was the best teacher I ever had in my life. Ms. Cook had para’s Ms. B anad Mr. Raj . I loved Ms. B, Ms. Cook and Mr. Raj . I also loved Ms. Saroya and Mr. K. They were all good teachers.
    I had so much fun in P.S.373r the problem is I am going to miss Ms. Cook, Ms. B. Mr. Raj, Aailiyah, Diamond, and all my friends in this school P.S.373R.
    By Kialaysha

    June 20, 2018 at 7:40 am

  6. These are my years at P.S. 373R.

    My second-grade teacher was Ms. Pantelli I have to say the work in 2nd grade was very easy to for me. Second-grade life was very easy because if you behave you can get something from the treasure box and you only get one sheet of homework.
    3rd grade. My third-grade teacher was Ms. Saroya and her class was fun. She made her class fun with games like she would use a ball to ask questions and she would throw it to you and if you catch it and answer right you get to choose a treat.
    4th Grade was Mr. K and he was very entertaining. Sometimes if we were good we would watch moves or if it was hot out he would take us outside when we behaved. He was very funny and Mr. K made everyday entertaining.
    In 5th grade I had Ms. Cook and she was something different. She would tell us stories from her own life when she was a kid. She shared her experiences from her life and she was very funny when she told these stories. I learned a lot in her class as well.
    By Xavier Harris

    June 20, 2018 at 7:51 am

  7. Hi my name is Cecret Jefferson I will really miss P.S373R. I have a lot of memories of this school. Good memories like the carnival. This year I was on Student Council and I was part of raising money for the carnival. It was great to be part of it. When I was little and in Petrides I just used to go to the Carnival, but this year I helped make the carnival and that was a really great experience.
    Now I will miss every teacher because they are all dear to me, almost every teacher that I have had. But my two most favorite teachers are Ms. Broderick and Ms. Risely.
    Now Ms. Broderick has known me since I was 5 and she always helps me get out of trouble. When I made bad choices and behave badly she always helps me change my act.
    Ms. Risely made me confident before I would take a test she would give me the confidence and this really helped me.
    From going to school I don’t have anger issues anymore. It is actually hard for me to get mad now. I just have a lot more self control. I now try to focus on school. Being on student Council has really made me take school seriously. I will miss everyone and I want to thank everyone who helped me.
    By Cecret Jefferson.

    June 20, 2018 at 8:08 am

  8. shred

    When I first came to this school I was very shy and Mrs. Risley made me feel good about my self . She would say good things about myself like I was a good kid , and that I had very good handwriting .When I went to 5th grade that’s when I met Mrs. Brod short for Mrs. Broderick . This is my final year in this school and I started to mess up and Mrs. Broderick always had equity in the bank with everyone that is just how she is . She will not stop believing in you until she dies and that is her word and she keeps promise .When I stepped foot in V:52 I met this wonderful women Mrs. Tiffany. If you met her you would want to call her mom that is what she acts like. She is truthful she cares about you if you deserve a zero she is going to give you a zero .Mrs. Tiffany does not sugar coat anything. She is a very hard worker she does everything we need .Meet mr.Mac my favorite teacher .mr.Mac he is the best teacher. If you come to school hungry he will give you a snack to hold you until lunch , if you need help he is there to help you he will never give up on you .He’s always trying to dance like me and William , and he is always trying to drop the beat and sing , and rap he makes everything fun. I met my friend Isaiah he is nice at basketball he is a nice friend if he has [2] of anything he is giving you some . I met my friend Pedro he likes to share ,he is not a messy friend… Meet the three musketeers me , William ,and Gregory we do everything together we help each other out with anything . My best friend in the class is William we do everything together when Gregory is not here . I talk to him about everything , he talks to me about everything .. We talk outside of school . I am going to talk a little about science .Meet Mrs. Tiffany my science teacher we do lots of science experiments with her .. My favorite experiment with Mrs. Tiffany is slime because we had so much fun with it . My favorite period of Tuesdays, and Wednesdays is gym oh I forgot to introduce Mr. Ralph my gym teacher he is funny he lets us play what ever we want as long as we ask . I am graduating on June,[22] 2018 . Now I am done I will miss P.S.373R so much this is what P.S.373r meant to me and it is my last year here
    Ps: I am really going to miss this school. And this school help my control my anger .
    Sincerely : SHEROD

    June 20, 2018 at 10:01 am

  9. What has PS 373 Meant to me? Well, it has meant overcoming challenges, challenges in behavior and challenges in school work. It has meant overcoming all kinds of challenges that come my way. This school P. S.373 R has helped put me on the right path to a good future. My friends have pushed me to my limits. I have really learned how to get along with other people. It has not been easy but I have gotten much better at controlling my temper. The teachers worked with me and helped me better understand the work in front of me. P.S. 373 has really prepared me for the future. I will miss my friends and all the teachers but I will remember them all and the help that this school gave me.
    Isaiah Rivera

    June 20, 2018 at 10:23 am

  10. What has meant a lot to me at P.S.373R is the people. First, my teacher was Ms. Jacci she was my first-grade teacher. She helped me learn my alphabet and taught me to read. She made me read more because I was not good at it and I became a reader with her. She also helped me move on to my next grade.
    When I was in Ms. Saccheri’s class the teachers were thoughtful and helped me when I was angry. One of these people was Mr. Rich who would tell me that if I want to go to community school I have to have good discipline and help the teachers out by not having an issue. So that is what I did. Ms. Michele was my para and she is one of the best para’s I will always miss Ms. Michelle.
    I am in the 5th-grade class now with Mr. Mac. He is a very good teacher and does not like us getting what he calls zero days. A day where you do not improve or work on anything you need to improve. He makes you do the math again and again but you really get it the way he teaches it.
    One of the teachers that stood out was Ms. Broderick. She always talked to me about my behavior and said she will never give up on me no matter what. She always gives me second chances and guidance on how to handle my self better. I will also always miss her.
    In the 4th grade, I was on Student council but my behavior slipped a little in the 5th and I was taken off again. Then I felt I should get my behavior back together so I could participate in it. That is what I did.
    On the whole, P.S.373R has been great and PS373R will always be a special place to me because of all the memories and the friends, because of all the people.
    Josiah Atkinson

    June 20, 2018 at 10:44 am

  11. This is a note I got from My student Council.
    Thank you Ms. Broderick for everything you did for us. You help and use all your patience and we appreciate that. Also, you are a very good computer teacher.
    You make great events for our school, and everyone likes to help you because you do so much for our school and every kid you work with.

    You are a problem solver. These are the reasons you are a good teacher. Because you care. Everybody on Student Council really appreciates you. Thank you for everything you have done.
    Love, Josiah, Nashawn Tysir, Isaiah James, Isaiah Rivera, Cecret Jefferson, Jorden Rivera, Ms Tiffany, Daniel Mosely, Pedro and D’aunte.
    Needless to say this made my day. I love my job. Still do after 35 years.

    June 27, 2018 at 1:10 pm

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