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Hour of Code : Ms. Jen’s and Ms. Cook’s class

Lets login and prepare for the hour of code here:

Kahoot on Keynote And MSWord today.

Review some of the tools and functions you have learned in these two software programs then.

Kahoot Here.

Keynote Video on Animation


We will look at this video to get some ideas on how to use animation in our Keynote Presentations Ms. Jen wants you to have what we call a static page print and also a page that is animated page ,with purposeful animation that adds to the message of the static page



Purposeful to be meaningful in the case of our project the animation we choose has a purpose and adds meaning to the project.


Static something that does not change or in the case of our project move

Animation  to bring to life in the case of Keynote to move build in or build out.


Coders Choice go on one of the following Coding Platforms and code.

Hour of Code Links 

Write Your First Computer Program

Redesign the Google Doodle

Train your Dragon in Tynker

Start at the Bottom Lesson : What is a coordinate, glide, Scratch and plane take off.

Get the Plane and the sun . Put the plane on the bottom left hand corner . Put the sun in the upper right corner.

 Find out the x and y coordinates for the  sune get the bottom blocks and put the number in that coordinate with your sun’s position.


 What is a coordinate? 

A pair of numbers that describe the position of a point on a coordinate plane by using the horizontal and vertical distances from the two reference axes. Usually represented by (x,y) the x-value and y-value.

The x-axis is a horizontal line and the y-axis is a vertical line. … Reminder: the x-axis really runs left and right, and the y-axis runs up and down.

Animal infograph tech component Ms. Jen’s Class

We will be using Keynote to make digital presentations of our animals

These Keynote projects  will include, sound, text, photos and perhaps small films about our animal.

Today we are creating a folder on our desktop with images of our animal.

Open a folder on your desktop and save at least 10 pictures of your animal to use in your Keynote.

Ozobots –

Ozobots can identify lines, colors, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces, such as paper. You can calibrate the robots to follow lines by holding down a power button. Then you can draw lines for the robot to follow in an app.. Different color codes will make the Robot do different things. Today we will explore the Ozobots using markers paper and the Ozobot App.  Evo can also be coded using a program called Blockly and can do several other things when connected to an ios device (ipad, phone, tablet)  Blockly is very similar to Scratch a language you can write in quite fluently. 

Ozobots in action 

Blockly code below is very similar to Scratch.

Turn Ozobot over and see what’s underneath. On the bottom, you can see 5 openings
with lights shining out of them. An optical sensor lives in each of these openings. These
sensors are Ozobot’s eyes. Each of the sensors sees how bright the paper underneath is.
This way, Ozobot can see where the white and where the black parts are and therefore
knows where the line is.

Code. org Accounts. Ms. Mona’s Class


Above is your login code.

Ms. Jen’s class

  1. Go to
  2. Type in their section code: QPDCPL.

Lets create a simple game in Scratch

First, choose the Desert Background.

Go to backdrops Then Choose the Text tool and write. 

Add an animal as a sprite that does not belong like the 

Then  write the code for an animal that does not belong.

Then write the code for the animal that does belong.

Add animals that belong and do not using the two codes.