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Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint?

The information about a particular person that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity.

Facebook posts, Twitter posts, games you play with other online players like Minecraft, Fortnite,forms you fill out, snapchat, Minecraft, Fortnite, music you listen to online, Blog posts etc are all part of your digital footprint.

Question if you delete something online is it really gone?

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Ms. Diel’s Class

Today we will right a program in Scratch Jr. Follow the steps in the manual below to create the Great Animal Race. Great Scratch Jr. Animal race

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Lets animate our names.

Ms. Diels Class go to scratch and we will sign in to scratch

Learning target I can code using Scratch block coding language.

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Review our Scratch Manual so far above!

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Ms. Creamers Class

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Learning Target

Students will understand the functions of Code and how Code is used to control  computers. 



Ms. Fiorillo’s Class

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Here is a short film on
Scratch Juinior

Learning target: Students will understand that code is a set of instructions that computers read to be able to do stuff.

Our Scratch Junior Assignment:

1 Get the car and the City

2. Place the care in the left hand corner

3. write a code that drives the car across the state.

Ms. Blair’s Class

Lets continue reading our Scratch Manual
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Learning Target Students will be able to answer the question what is code and what are the functions of code.

Mr. Sullivan’s Class & Mr. Mona’s Class

Lets read our scratch manual today. Go to Stuff from room 311.

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Ms. Diel’s Class Scratch Jr.

Learning Target I can define the term Code and algorithm


what is code

Ms. Diels class we will be using Scratch jr. to learn the basics of code.

Algorithm: a set of steps in order to complete a task.

A sentence is a group of words that are strung together to make a complete thought.

In code algorithms we use elements of code to make code sentences that are a complete task.

When we write code we call the code sentences an algorithm.

Scratch Accounts

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Copy these Notes below the line on Code. Keep in a safe place.


What is Code?

Code is step by step instructions that humans write to teach computers how to do stuff.

 The computer reads the instructions in order and does them step by step. The thing that the human wanted to happen happens and everyone is happy. Computers do not know how to do anything on their own they must be told or programmed to do things. 


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Today we will give out Scratch Accounts. below is where you login.

Here is a link to the Scratch Website.



Below is a link to a wiki on how scratch works.


General Overview of Scratch 3.0

Welcome Back

Welcome Back to School. Today we will discuss some of the things we will do this year.

  1. Scratch
  3. Coding
  4. Circuitry
  5. Minecraft coding.
  7. Robotics
  8. Tech Fair
  9. Power of Choice
  10. Student Council.

Our class rules are very simple.

Be respectful.

Be responsible.

Work Hard.


Blog assignment:

Blog here and tell me at least two things you want to accomplish in STEM (Tech) this year. Tell me at least two things you want to get under control this year. Tell me where you want to be next year, class or school. Write in complete sentences.