Mr. Mac’s class today.

Mr. Mac’s Class

Period one :

Math Sheets and IxL math

Period two

What I am Thnakful for.

In no less than 3 paragraphs write a short 1 page peice on what you are thankful for and why. What do you really appreciate in your life?

We will enter this writing into our What I am thankful for writing contest.

Write an opening paragraph talking about what you are thankful for in your life.

In the next paragraph tell me why the things you are thankful for are important to you. Be specific tell me about people or, places you go like school or football and how these people or places help you. Maybe it is a para or a teacher, or counselor. Maybe your uncle or older brother sees you and helps you or makes you feel special.

In the concluding paragraph tell me of how appreicate these things. Tell me how important these people, places and things are to your life.

Who were the Pilgrims

Read the Post on the Blog.

Begin the Book Squanto.

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