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Super heroes

Lets Scratch A Little today

Go to the Google Doodle here. Sign into your account.

And Follow me we will make the Google Doodle Bounce

Ms. Fiorilla’s Valentines Greetings.

To Mom Love Elianna, Happy Valentine’s Day

To Sophia Love Josiah

To Ms. Gaby Love Lucien

To Mommy Love Ernie

Lets Scratch Today!

We will do the tutorial “Let’s code a cartoon”

Today is I do and you do coding example

Go to scratch and

Login to your acount and follow me.

Ms. Jenn’s Class Valentines Greetings

To People that love Anime’

To My Loving Family Love Ricky

To My Mom Love Prince

To Mom Love Prince

To Mom Love Jozyah

To Mom Love Damien

To Mom and Dad Love Dwayne

To My Aunts Love  Julian

Gif Maker

Ms. Blair’s Class Valentine’s Greetings

To Joe C From Alicia


To Mom Love  Julian

To Mom Love Amayah

To Grandma, Poppa and Dexter Love Kieran


Ms. Rubio’s class Valentines

To Mom Love Donavan Happy Valentines Day

To Mom Love Lukas

To Mom Love Christian

To Mom Love Jahzia

To Mom Love Josh

To Mom Love Elijah

To My Mom Love James

To Mom Love Anthony

To My Dad Love Amazing In memory of Kobe

To my Dad Love Angel

Mr. Sullivan’s Class Valentines Greetings.

To Noah From Noah

To Mom Love Jahmel Happy Valentine’s Day

To My Mom Love Sal Happy Valentine’s Day

To Miss Laurie From Aiden

Ms. Mona’s Class Valentine Greetings

To Ms.kira and Everyone From Omar

To Ms. Kiera From Jorge Happy Valentines Day


To Everyone From Tristan

To Ms. Kellie love Malik


To Ms. Kellie Happy Valentines Day Love Faith

To Tristan Happy Valentines Day from Mo