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Ms. Creamer’s Class

Let’s work on Minecraft Adventurer. We will start by writing algorithms. After level 5 you will begin to work with one of the flow control structures Loops are repeated lines of code. A computer programmer who needs to use the same lines of code many times in a program can use a loop to save time.

So rather than writing moveforward 4 times as in (movefoward, movefoward, movefoward, movefoward ) you write (4x movefoward).

Much easier. Loops are one of the main ways coders orgaznize code with out Loops we would not be able to write code as it would take too long to write most codes.

Here is an example of a Loop in MIne craft Adventurer

Here is your login use the dog as a password.

Answer this question in the comment section below. What are Loops in code and why are they important?

I will check and see how far you got you can also ask questions here in the comment section.