Light Bot

Light bot is a coding platform that builds your skill in creating logical algorithms in a series of code. can be done on an iPad, tablet, iPhone or computer with (flash in browser) on a laptop or computer
Today, we are going to be playing a puzzle game called Lightbot. In Lightbot, there is a robot
and he lives in a world of square tiles. The goal in each level is for Lightbot to light up all the
blue tiles in the level. However, Lightbot does not understand something as complicated as
saying “light all the blue tiles”. Instead, he does understand a basic set of rules. Display the
following to students.
An arrow icon tells Lightbot to move forward one space.

A lightbulb icon tells Lightbot to light up the tile he is standing on, all the blue tiles need a light see the attachments
You are all going to play Lightbot and try to beat the “Basics” level set. To control Lightbot you need to give him a set of instructions, called a ‘program’, to run. Once you press the green play
button, Lightbot will perform all the instructions in the program one at a time. If he makes a mistake, you will then have to tell Lightbot to go back to the start, and afterward, change the program to give the correct instructions.
Lightbot knows a few more instructions that will be introduced to you as you complete more levels.
You can access Light bot here on the computer of below download the app on a tablet. or phone
Or you can download the app here:

If Links do not work search for Lightbot on your computer or Apps store.

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