Ruby Bridges


In the Movie Ruby Bridges, many of the protestors outside her school were hateful, what was Ruby’s reaction to their hate?

Describe your reactions toward people who are hateful.  Evaluate your reactions in your writing.  If your reactions need improvement, tell how you could change.  Discuss the end results of making wise choices.

Mr. Mac and Ms. Dimeo’s Class: The most important issue!

Here is your assignment read the list of important issues that Ms. Cunningham and Ms. Coppollo’s classes came up with. Choose one or two to write about, be thoughful and organized. Tell why you think this is one of the most important issues in our state or world. You are of course allowed to come up with your own issue if it is not represented on the list. We will make podcasts of the best written pieces and post them here. Click on my picture to here a podcast of this

Download the most important issue worksheet by clicking here = most-important-issue-worksheet.doc

Today we will identify important Issues in the New York State Governor’s Race.

Click on the document and download it. Discuss with your partners or group what you think the important isssue are. Fill out the issues that you decide are important and print.