Elections 2006

Mock Election Today

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Today our school is having their 3rd annual Mock election. This year we focused on NYS Governor’s election. We spent weeks learning about the candidates and the importance of voting.
I want to thank all of the students who worked hard to make this day happen. It is about 5 am and I am just getting up. I want to thank all of the “electioneers” who volunteered to work. Mr. Ferranni’s Class did a wonderful job decorating the auditorium and all the classes made cool election posters.

This morning we have some students who will be reading their written essays “Why is it important to vote?”, we also have 5 short Movies about the election. Really election commercials, only in these elections ads no one says anything bad about a candidate. Well here we go, after the election you can blog your thoughts and responses to the election process.

Mock Election Day!

I love this day.

As We get Closer to Election day…

Take About 5 People with you and VOTE!


That was the title of an Article in Time magazine about how important voter turnout is to win an election. The article says this is the Republican strategy to win big in the 2006 elections. So they are telling their fellow republicans “take about 5 people with you and vote”.

Now the republicans want them to vote republican.

I, we ( my students ) don’t care which way you vote. However we think that is a great idea.

Go in a group, have a voting party. I think my classes should co-write a letter to their parents, trying to get them to organize “voting trips” with their friends and relatives.

So here is our assignment let’s write a letter encouraging them to vote in the 2006 elections. We could suggest websites where they could get info on the candidates and then make their choice and vote. Once we like our letter we will publish it here as a pod-cast and print it out for our kids to take home and distribute.  You can blog your suggestions or write and print out your letter using Letter Generator. We will combine the best ideas from everyone’s letter into a letter we can send home to your family. ?

Voter Turnout: Why is it important to vote?


How many people percentage wise do you think voted in the last presidential election?

Do you think it was 90%, 85%, 70%? Remember the problems we are having, we are at war in Iraq, we have an energy crisis, terrorism is not under control, and many other problems. I think given the state of our world we can all agree the last presidential election was very important. I am sure you have heard many people criticize George Bush, particularly after Hurricane Katrina. Yet in light of how serious our problems are how many people do you think voted in the last election? If you said 90% you would be wrong, if you said 85% you would be wrong even if you said 70% you would be wrong it was less than 55%, about half of all the eligible voters bothered to vote.

(Click here to see source of data )

Think about that number 55%, about 5 out of 10 people bothered to go and vote for the most important position in the world, the United States President. Where were the rest of the eligible voters?

Writing assignment: Write a one page persuasive essay on why you think it is important to vote. You can use current issues like the war in Iraq, disaster relief , crime, global warming, gas prices etc… to make your point on why voting is so important.

There will be prizes for well written entries, and of course we will pod-cast the best entries. Deadline is friday Oct. 20th.

Here is an on-line tool from readwritethink.org that will help you plan and write a persuasive essay called the Persuasion Map
Good luck

Governor’s Race Issue Podcast

Click on the picture and listen to Samaria and Mark’s opinions on gun control.


Mr. Mac and Ms. Dimeo’s Class: The most important issue!

Here is your assignment read the list of important issues that Ms. Cunningham and Ms. Coppollo’s classes came up with. Choose one or two to write about, be thoughful and organized. Tell why you think this is one of the most important issues in our state or world. You are of course allowed to come up with your own issue if it is not represented on the list. We will make podcasts of the best written pieces and post them here. Click on my picture to here a podcast of this assignment.photo-51.jpg

Download the most important issue worksheet by clicking here = most-important-issue-worksheet.doc

Our List of Important Issues!!Great Job Ms. Coppolo and Ms.Cunningham’s class

The assignment was two fold: 1. Download the document from our blog 2. Discuss with our partners what you think the important issues are in the upcoming governor’s election.
Both tasks were done superbly!
Here is the list of things you identified as issues that concern you as citizens of New York State.
I must say I was impressed. Very thoughtful and creative. Great Job all around.
elections_2006.gifclick on the picture to listen to our list

  1. An emergency evacuation plan that works if we get hit by a hurricane like Katrina or another disaster.
  2. Crime, all kinds of crime organized crime, white collar crime and street crime. ( We had a thoughtful discussion on how these different types of crime ruin everyone’s life)
  3. Gun control, some felt it is still too easy to get a gun. Tighter laws and less illegal guns on the street.
  4. Education, school must be better, more money getting to schools and training teachers better.
  5. Budget issues and taxes, people pay too many taxes and the tax dollars are not well spent.
  6. Illegal Drugs are still available on the street. This causes crime and kills people.
  7. Globalwarming. We need a cleaner source of energy other than gas that does not destroy are environment and cause the icecaps to melt.
  8. The elderly, older people cannot afford to live after they retire. We also need good nursing homes that people can afford.
  9. More places for kids to play in like parks. Kids get into trouble because they have nothing to do.
  10. More support for poor people. This relates to the next item on the list.
  11. More good jobs available in our state.
  12. Affordable Health care for everyone and better hospitals, emergency rooms are terrible places.
  13. More police on the streets to make people safer. (by E. Steele From Mr. Ferrarnini’s class)

Link to Podcast (RSS feed) for this blog

Today we will identify important Issues in the New York State Governor’s Race.

Click on the document and download it. Discuss with your partners or group what you think the important isssue are. Fill out the issues that you decide are important and print.


New Link For us to learn about the Candidates!

I was reading the article on John Faso in Wikipedia and found this link called, New York Elections. It seems fairly good, gives information on all the candidates and the issues.We will read about Mr. Faso on this link, rather than the Wikipedia Link. Our first assignment this week is to pick a candidate for governor and write a letter to him explaining what issues are important to you. To do this we will have to review the how to write a proper letter and be informed on the candidates and issues. We will use an online application called Letter Generator to write our letters and learn about the parts of a letter.

Next week I would like to turn some of the better letters into podcasts that we can post on the site.

(Click on Mr. Faso picture to go the the site)faso_2006_9.jpg

Podcast of Wikipedia Article On Eliot Spitzer Part 1 Click On the Picture to listen.

Eliot Spizter Candidate For Governor

We have read the article on Eliot Spitzer who is running for governor in the 2006 elections. Reread the article and listen to a podcast of the article by yours truly. After you listen write a few sentences on what you learned about Eliot Spitzer. Include at least 5 facts. You can also give opinions you may have formed about Mr. Spitzer.