Kids Search Engine

Announcing Our New Search Engine

Custom Search Engine click here Listen to the Jingcast here



We are building our own search engines in google. Why build your own search engine? You have to understand how search tools work; after all search engines “interfere” with information in a myriad of ways in order to try and make it more relevant to the searcher. If you use Google or Ask .com you get too many varied results. If you create a search engine, you can choose which sites are searched for information and get more directly related information.

To create one all you need is a google account. Here are two created for this schools so far. I would like to see more specific ones created by kids as well.

Ms. Gunderson Created one click here to see it, and I have been working on one for the older grades, click here to see it.

These are general search engines if you have a site that you think should be included blog it here and I will check it out.