Christmas in Spain by Ms. Schron’s Class

map-of-spain-1We are learning about Spain and how they celebrate Christmas. pesebreThe Nativity is the one of their main things or as they call it the Nacimiento. Every home has a nativity with a baby Jesus in it

Christmas Markets

spanish-christmas-markets001Every year at Christmas they have elaborate Christmas markets. Every year they set up markets flowers, candles, handmade gifts, and decorations. These markets are very special and only come at Christmas.

La Misa Regallo


On Christmas Eve they hear the ( click on the bell)j0269082

bells ring calling them to La Misa Regallo or the mass of the Rooster. After the mass they have a big feast which the main meal is turkey or pavo. They never eat dinner till after midnight.

The Three Wise Men


Santa does not bring gifts but the three wise men do. The Spanish Christmas lasts until January 6th, On the Eve of Epiphany, January 5th, children place their shoes on the doorstep, and in the secret of the night, the Three Wise Men pass leaving gifts. January 6th, they have parades in the streets.


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Welcome Back

Welcome Back to Stuff From Room 311, Made a short film to start our year, watch it below

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373R’s Basketball Game

P.S.373R’ Basketball team attended their first Basketball game on 2/1/08 in Brooklyn.

If you played on the team please write a piece on the Experience and we will publish one article from all of them.

Here are some details you may need:

The school we played was in Brooklyn on PS369, Date Feb 1st, The students who played on the team numbered 8. Henry Smith, Kflores, Malakhi Horne, Alvin Bestman, Vincent Martino, Desmin Ortiz, Tyrell, and Melvin Tamba.

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