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Ms. Lou’s class Let make a band. The No Smartboard lesson

 Vocabulary to Remember

Algorithm a set of steps to complete a task

The Codes we write are algorithms.

Programmer the person who writes the code.(algorithms)

Sign into Scratch. 

I am the programmer that made  the drums to play in scratch project.  

Get rid of the Cat

Get the Concert background

type in music

get the Saxophone:

Step 5 write this code

Step 6 Get the drumkit

Write this code

Get the Microphone

and write this code



Ms. Saroya Class


Login here to continue coding.

Algorithm a set of steps to complete a task

Code directions we give a computer to do something.

Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint?

The information about a particular person that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity.

Facebook posts, Twitter posts, games you play with other online players like Minecraft, Fortnite,forms you fill out, snapchat, Minecraft, Fortnite, music you listen to online, Blog posts etc are all part of your digital footprint.

Question if you delete something online is it really gone?

Ms. Jen’s class

Code.org sign in

Here  https://studio.code.org/sections/HPBPPC

Sign into your account using the dog picture.

Mr. Lou’s Class sign in Link


Lets Kahoot


Code.org sign in page

373R’s Code login Page

Ms. Mona’s class https://studio.code.org/sections/MMWFYB

Ms. F’s Class


Mr. Sullivan’s Class


Ms. Mona’s Class


Ms. Jen’s Class



Ms. Saroya’s Class

Log into code .org

by clicking on this link


Find your name and login using the cat pictture


Ms. Diel’s Class

Today we will right a program in Scratch Jr. Follow the steps in the manual below to create the Great Animal Race. Great Scratch Jr. Animal race

My Classes

Lets animate our names.

Ms. Diels Class go to scratch and we will sign in to scratch


Learning target I can code using Scratch block coding language.

scratch-manual (1)

Let’s Kahoot!

scratch-manual (1)

Review our Scratch Manual so far above!

Then Let’s Kahoot!