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Lets Make the cat Dance In Scratch

Use these blocks to make the cat dance say hello and change color. Add a background and your are done.

Flowcabulary accounts.

Go to this link and join the class with the code on the front board.


Animate your Name in Scratch.

Watch the Tutorial here and then animate your name using scratch. Put in A Background, Choose the letters of your name and  express yourself in Scratch.



  1. Put a background in.
  2.  Put the Letters of your name in by going to New Sprite. 
  3. Now animate each letter Go to events and choose one likeYou can then add a control block;  Like Repeat 10 times or Repeat forever.
  4. Now you can add sound.

Mr. Sullivan’s Class lets code

Here is a link on code org lets go there now.


Scratch Lesson 1 And Flowcab on code!

Flowcab on Code First!

Lesson 1 today we are learning how to delete the Cat Sprite and put in a new one.

Go To Scratch:


 Go to Create: 

This is a Sprite a Sprite is a character.

Click on this Sprite and go to the Scissors and delete it. 

Now Add a new Sprite ( character)  

Now use the blocks to make you the new  sprite walk across the stage. 

Now add a sound.  go Sound and a a sound  and connect it to the event.


September 11th 16th Anniversary!

Brainpop Movie On September 11th

Time for Kids September 11th

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to school.

This is the 2017 – 2018 school year. My name is Ms. Broderick.

This year we will be working  on coding, writing, robotics, circuitry and many other things

Here are some of the sites we will be using



Brain pop


I have brought Laptops  into the class today there are rules For both Ipads and Laptops

  1. Be gentle with them they are made of glass and break easily
  2. Do not download any app or anything else without approval
  3. Sign into student
  4. Make sure you are on safe approved spaces. (No Music)
  5.  Shut your computer down when asked to from the Apple Menu
  6. Carry the laptop with two hands and closed when transporting.
  7. Never eat or drink while using a laptop or Ipad.

We will also be working from this blog Stuff from Room 311. Navigate (go there right now) the best way to go there is  to go to Google and then enter the search Terms  —Stuff From Room 311. go there and you can explore the links above.

September Writing contest: My Goals for this year.

What goals will you reach this year at school?

In no more than 4 paragraphs tell me what you plan on doing this school year. If you have not thought about this perhaps this is a good time to take stock and think about it what you intend on improving this school year.

Then tell me what you want to do this year. Choose one thing you want to change in terms of learning  and one thing you want to change in terms of  behavior.

1. Introductory Paragraph Introduce yourself and what you are writing about.

2. Academic goals This is what you want  to do to improve your learning. Did you  want to improve your math skills?  Maybe learn how to multiply numbers. Maybe you improved your ability to write. Maybe you want to  become a better reader or a better writer. Give details.

3, Behavioral Goals: This is refers to your behavior. Maybe you want to get  better control of your behavior. Or you plan on being  nicer to other students and consider how others feel this year. Maybe you want to be a better  listener or  follow rules more closely. Perhaps you stopped bullying other students. Or maybe want to become less shy and join in play and classroom activities more often.

The third paragraph should tell me how you plan on making these changes. If you want to gain control of your behavior are you going to create a plan with your counselor or para or parent. If you want to be a better reader are you going to make sure you read everyday at home for 30 minutes each night.


There are three levels of winners.

1st Prize is 10 dollars these are written pieces that include and introductory paragraph,  both a behavioral and learning goal and a clear plan on how you are going to make these goals a reality. These written pieces have a clear beginning, middle and end. They are written in complete paragraphs for each goal and the plan. The writing is engaging and clear and  the paragraphs include many details.

2nd Prize is 5 dollars these are written pieces that may  include both a behavioral and learning goal and  may contain  plan on how you are going to make these goals a reality. These written pieces have 3 distinct paragraphs include some details and for the most part are ordered and are somewhat clear.

3rd prize is 1 dollar.These written pieces contain a behavioral or learning goal. They include one or two details and have some order. They may or may not contain a plan for how these goals will be achieved.,

All written or blogged entries must be in to me by Wednesday September 20th. Either hand written clearly or typed. You can blog them here if you want just include your  first and last name  as well as class teacher’s name.

My goals


Writing your essay

You are writing an essay on  “Who is your favorite genius, Edison or Tesla?

1st paragraph introduce your choice with major details.Tell us why you like him. What makes him your favorite.

2nd paragraph Talk about what your genius did

3rd paragraph restate why you chose him as your favorite genius.

So Just who was your favorite inventor? Writing Contest $$$$ prizes.

Tell me who was your favorite inventor was of these two guys and why in no less than  5 – 10  sentences?  Tell me about their work and what they  invented  and why you like them best.  If you need a refresher you can watch the brainpop movies here.

Thomas Edison  –  Thomas Edison Biography for kids

Nikola Tesla        


Best Writing wins a shirt (limited sizes)

After all my classes right by next Thursday three entries win  1st place 10 dollars, 2nd place 5 dollars and 3rd place 2 dollars. Everyone has to write. So go ahead write to win.