373R’s Film Festival 2008

Below Cover of the program designed by Shannon Payne and D. Van Daley

from our June 13-16th Film Festival

Our original Film Festival took place June 13th – 16th. Sixteen films showed in those 2 days. Teachers and students really did a good job. We have projects that range from a mystery game called the missing Briana to a film on rising gas prices. I was impressed with all of the films here are 8 of them so far and in the next 2 weeks I will try to have them all posted.

Enjoy the Films Below. Each one may take a few minutes to download.

Here is a film about Lewis and Clark’s Journey and the important Shosone Indian guide Sacajawea. We read a book about her online and they wrote and created this film on the blog. They were very enthusiastic and dedicated to the project.

Months of work but the film is pretty good and informative

Ms. Devito’s, class who became Mr. Harvey’s class this summer session, did a great Job on this film. Greg Antoine came new to 373R in February and suggested Frederich Douglas as a topic for a class film, and others followed. We researched him on the internet and read a biography of his life online, everyone really working hard to get it done in time. I was very proud of them.

The Next Entry was from Ms. Gunderson’s Class. This was purely a class project. A great job by Ms. Gudnerson and her class for their hard work. Very cute and quite funny. The move is entitled; “The Math Manipulative Boys”

Next up is a film for Women In History Month, ” Leading Ladies ” from Mr. K and Ms. Navarrette’s class. Nice film, I love the use of the music.

Gas prices are a real problem. Here is a thoughtful film Mr. Mac”s Class worked on in 311 and in their room. Good project, considering we started it late.

Ms. Ruggerio’s class read the book Charlotte’s Web, and myself, Ms. C and Ms. Tara, and the class decided to make a project about the book. We worked on it for about 2 months and all I can say is it is Some, Terrific, Radiant movie.

Ms. Fusco’s class did a cooperative lesson with Ms. Seminara in the art room and created a short movie on animals of the Rainforest. Here it is with the great song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Ms. Leston’s Class did a great spoof of a news broadcast. Last minute project, but very entertaining.

2 responses

  1. Mr. Miller

    Great work!
    There are things going on in your school that
    just aren’t happening in general education. The use of technology is incredible. You all should be very proud of what you’re doing because nobody else is doing it as well as the Students and staff at P 373R. Hats off to Ms. Broderick and all who have worked on these projects.

    November 2, 2008 at 3:23 pm

  2. jose soto


    November 21, 2008 at 5:56 pm

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