Good morning kids Watch the movies on Hackers and answer the questions as a  group


Learning Target: Students will understand the threat of hackers and computer safety measures.

Lesson the History of Computing Watch the movie here https://www.brainpop.com/technology/computerscience/computerhistory/

and take the quiz . YOu can leave me a post about the History of Computing Here: Tell me what you learned about this subject. https://stufffromthelab.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/history-of-computing/

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Lesson #1 Jeopardy

We have a review game of the Election and I have put some coding questions in it

Here is the Link  To login my Username Is Maitri27  Password is penny827

Have the Paras put the class into teams of 2 and the score is given at the bottom of the board. This game can be played on a computer or preferably a computer with Smartboard attached.


Lesson #2 ADa Lovelace The Mother of Code

pastedgraphic-1 Hi class this is Ms. Broderick. So who is Ada Lovelace? Is she the inventor of computer programing watch the brainpop move and find out.



Here is a link to the Brain pop Movie


Lesson Plan  Ada Lovelace She was known by many names, but whatever you call her, she was one talented lady! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to Ada Lovelace, whom many historians credit as being the first computer programmer. You’ll learn all about her early years, including her famous father, her battle against a major illness, and her early studies in mathematics. You’ll also discover how Lovelace’s teachers introduced her to a world rarely opened to girls and women in the 19th century. And you’ll meet mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage, whose calculating machines inspired Lovelace and led to her most famous contribution to computer science. It’s a lovely story, so click on the link and learn!

After you learn about her write a comment telling me what you learned about her and I will check my phone for your comments all day.

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Lesson Plan # 3 Coding Download Lesson Plan Here:



Explore Course one as a review

Use the Smartboard to have each kid take a turn creating an algorithm to solve the problem

Students write programs (algorithms for the computer) that get a character through a maze. They’ll understand the importance of sequence in the programs they write

Start at