Tesla Kahoot

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Flowcabulary did a decent rap about Circuits Lets take a look at it. PastedGraphic-1

Edison, Brainpop, Kahoot, Oh my!

Watch the Edison brainpop movie here as a review and then we will Kahoot

I can answer questions information inferential questions on a given topic.

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How did Thomas Alva Edison get money for his Menlo Park, New Jersey Labs? Tell me what you have learned about Edison thus far. In no less than 5 sentences. Be specific.


We are looking at electric circuits. Our spring projects will be on electricity . Lets learn about Thomas Edison and see what his contribution in making our a world dependent on electricity.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a mathematician who created   a machine that helped crack the Germans secret code in WWII.  At the time the Germans were attacking the British on land and in sea.  On sea they hunted British ships using U-Boats to sink the British navy. They communicated in secret code. They used a coding machine called to Enigma that changed the code from word to word. The Allies could not crack this code.

Read the story above and finish it. Tell me how Alan Turing helped solve this problem. At least 10 sentences. Give details and talk about how his life ended.

Typing game practice

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