Review and Test of DC circuits

Today we are doing some field testing of our knowledge of a basic circuit.

First Background information A simple circuit is like a circle of electricity. Electrical energy travels through the circuit from a source (battery) along a path (wire) to an appliance (light bulb). Energy will continue to flow as long as the circle is complete. The battery has two poles (+ and -) and the appliance has two contacts.

Watch the Brainpop movie on Simple Circuits

Read and fill out answers to Circuit fill in  sheet together in your group

2/ when you finish. Construct a simple circuit using the Edison Light up KIt.

you will need


  1. Reader reads the directions

  2.  Building Forman person who assembles  pieces needed out of the kit to do a build

  3. Builder Construction Worker person who builds

  4. Verification Officer Verifies that the circuit works using the Ipad

Answer These Questions on Edison .

  1. How did people light their houses before electricity?
  2. What is a filament?
  3. What substance did Edison decide to use in the light bulb??
  4. What is a power station?

Tesla Kahoot

Watch the Brainpop movie here as a review before we  Kahoot :


Then get ready to Kahoot Here:

Flowcabulary did a decent rap about Circuits Lets take a look at it. PastedGraphic-1