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6+1Trait Wrting – Trait Organization Jing Cast

Some people would be wonderful writers if only they would organize their ideas.

We write to communicate, to tell some story or opinion or set of facts. Some writers have great stories, or facts or opinions but they do not take the time to organize them.


Simply stated a written piece has a beginning middle and an end.
Organization is the structure of a piece of writing, the structure of the writing is built on the foundation of central idea. Organizational structure can be based on comparison-contrast, point-by-point analysis, development of a central theme, chronological history of an event, or any of a dozen other identifiable patterns. When the organization is strong, the piece begins meaningfully and creates in the writer a sense of anticipation that is fulfilled. Events proceed logically; information is given to the reader in the right doses at the right times so that the reader never loses interest. Connections are strong, which is another way of saying that bridges from one idea to the next hold up. The piece closes with a sense of resolution, tying up loose ends, bringing things to closure, answering important questions while still leaving the reader something to think about.

Six Trait Writing Lesson 1


Six trait writing is a way of creating better written pieces uses the 6 traits of good writing

  • Ideas
  • Organization
  • Word Choice
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Voice
  • Conventions

Today we are going to visit The Online Writing Lab

and examine Ideas as a trait of good writing.