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Anne Frank

About one week after Anne received her diary she wrote in it the saying. “Paper has more patience than people.” (June
20, 1942.)  What does this mean?Why did Anne think she could confide more in her diary than in people?


Anne Frank

In the first few chapters of Anne Frank’s diary she talks about being glad she has her diary Kitty to write in, because she does not have a real friend to talk to. She has many friend but no one who understands her, and who she can really be herself with.

My question to you: How do you define a real friend. What is the difference between having a real friend and just being friends with someone? What would someone have to do for you to consider them a real friend? Do you think anyone considers you a “real friend”?

Bonus Question Do you think writing in a diary would help you?05-08afrank_full_380

Holland 1940

It is 1940 in Holland the Nazi’s have invaded Holland. You are a friend of Otto Frank. You have been living under Hitler for the last 6 years. Otto Frank and his family left Nazi Germany in 1933 when the Nazi party took power, trying to escape Hitler and his mistreatment of the Jews.

Using what you know from prior readings, films and discussions about life for Jewish citizens. Tell 52602a5562a2134495a1064b_Nazi3 Mr.Frank what life has been like under Hitler. Be specific and give details Advise him what you think he should do to protect his family.


Introduce claim(s) and organize the reasons and evidence clearly.
Support claim(s) with clear reasons and relevant evidence, using credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text.
Use words, phrases, and clauses to clarify the relationships among claim(s) and reasons.

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Anne Frank Script continued By Ms. Caputo/Losey’s Class

Otto Frank took his family to Holland to Escape the Nazis, the year was 1933. The Frank family starts their life in Holland, they buy an apartment and Mr. Frank gets a job. The Frank”s life returns to normal.

At this time In Nazi Germany Hitler’s extermination of the Jews continues.

The Franks were happy in Holland. But on May 10 th 1940 The Franks worst nightmare is realized.

Hitler invades Holland. Otto frank was afraid with the Nazi’s in Holland that it would be just as bad for the Jews in Holland as it was in Germany.  So he decided to  plan to go into hiding.

After Hitler invaded Holland it turns out that Mr. Frank was right it was just as bad for the Jewish citizens in Holland  it was in Nazi Germany. They had to register as jews.They had to wear a yellow star so they would be recognizable as Jews to everyone. Then the Germans started to attack Jewish Businesses, they broke and finally confiscated the businesses. Jewish Children had to go to separate and then the deportation started. The Nazi then sent the Jew to Death Camps.

In June 1942 2 things happened 1s Anne got her diary which she named Kitty. The second her sister was called up for deportation.