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Happy New Year and pick a writing prompt

Happy New Year! Choose to write at least 5 sentences on one of the topics:

My New Years Resolution:

How I spent my holiday vacation:

What I want to accomplish in this new year in school or at home

5 sentences  or 1 complete paragraph

Start with a topic sentence, supporting detail sentences and finally a conclusive sentence.

Hit the comment button to write:

Ms. Martins Class write 4 sentences on how you spent your holiday vacation:

One Hundred Thousand Hits and counting!


A milestone to say the least, Since most of our time in school is spent when we are logged in and our visits do not count. A 100,000 hits is a lot. We are averaging about 500 hits on the weekends and 1000 hits a day. So people are reading what we are doing here, People are watching our movies and listening to our podcasts. I get comments all week long from all over the world telling me what a great resource this site is.

So be proud of what you have accomplished here. This is your blog and you do great work here.