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Happy Birthday U.S. Constitution!

Yesterday we talked about the Supreme Court and the job it plays in ruling on our countries laws. We said that the nine (9) justices that sit on the Supreme court who are 1. chosen by the President 2. Hold the job for life 3. Must be experts in the documented that founded (started) our country. The United States of America The U.S. Constitution. We said that just like a class has a list of rules that everyone must follow, The Constitution is our list of rules that everyone in the United States must follow. We said that the Supreme court decides all the cases it hears on the basis of the laws and rules in the Constitution.

Well today is the U.S. Constitution birthday. It is 222 years old today September 17th. So happy birthday Constitution. and Happy Constitution Day to you!

Click on the picture to watch the Brainpop movie on the U.S. Constitution.


Voting on Brain Pop!

Watch the Brainpop movie on voting. And tell me how voting works.