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Announcing our “Mock Election” Blog

Here it is our Mock Election blog. We have it all, links to great website swhere you can learn about the election, writing contests and a voting booth that works, Well not yet we are having some trouble with our voting booth. So far P.S. 25 has committed to participate and we are going to try to get some other Staten Island Schools to join us. Here is the Address or click on the picture to go directly there

Our Presidential Election

This year our country, the United States is picking a new President. We have two candidates for president. A candidate is someone who is running for a political office like president. The two candidates running for President are

Senator Barrack Obama


Senator John McCain.

The election will take place on November 4th 2008. Barrack Obama is the Democractic candidate. Democratic is the party or group of people who support him and want him to win the election.

John McCain is the Republican candidate. John McCain is part of the republican party. Republican refers to the the party or group of people that support him for president.

Both candidates have chose running mates these are people running for Vice President. Barrack Obama has chosen

Senator Joe Biden as his vice-president.

John McCain has chosen

Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-president.

So basically there are two teams running for the White House

John McCain and Sarah Palin


Barrack Obama and Joe Biden



Voting on Brain Pop!

Watch the Brainpop movie on voting. And tell me how voting works.

The Presidential Election

As we know this is a presidential election year. In two short months the United States will pick a president. How do we pick a president? Well, we, United States citizens vote. The people, cast a vote on Election day, and the candidate (person running for office) with the most votes wins. In a sense the people pick their leaders, this is called “Government by the people, for the people” This type of government is called a democracy. Watch the Brainpop Movie on Democracy and write a short definition of just what a democracy is? What are the benefits of living in a democracy? What root words does the word Democracy come from?