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Christmas In Italia

If you come by room 306 you will see what we have been up to in V44. What have we been up to? Well we have been learning about Buon Natale or Christmas in Italy. As you may know in Italy they eat a lot of pizza and macaroni. Here some ways they celebrate Christmas in Italy.

Manger scenes or Nativity54569zooma

In Italy a very religious and catholic country the Nativity is a major symbol of Christmas time. You see pictures and statues of the Christ child’s Birth everywhere. They consist of figurines, in clay or plaster , of the infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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In the United States you are familiar with Santa Claus or St. Nick. He comes down the Chimney and brings presents to good people. Not so in Italy.

In our class we read a book Christmas Strega Nona.It is based on the story of the Befana. In the book Strega Nona a witch has magic. It is Christmas Eve and Strega Nona did not want to use her magic, because she felt Christmas had it’s own magic. She tells her nephew Big Anthony to do chores for her. But he does not do them. This makes Strega Nona very upset because now they cannot have their Christmas Celebration. So Strega Nona goes to mass and she lets every one know that she will not be having the annual Christmas feast. She returns home and everybody surprises her with a beautiful Christmas feast that Anthony put together. big_anthonyStrega Nona is surprised at how thoughtful Big Anthony was.

This story comes from an ancient tradition in Italy. The tradition of La Befana. aosta_1It is said that Befana lived in the town of Aosta in Northern Italy. The story of La Befana says that Befana an old women or witch is working very hard. sm_010_8_0001-copyThey call her Busy Befana. She cleans her house and bakes all kinds of treats. She works all day.

magi_in_cammino_small When Christ is born, The Three kings pass her house on the way to Bethelehem to see the Christ child. They invite her to take the journey with them to find the Christ Child. She says she is too busy. Sweeping Constantly.

befana012She goes to sleep and the Christmas star wakes her up. She changes her mind and wishes she went with the three kings.

She goes to find the three kings and angels come and help her fly. She brings her baked gifts to all the good children and looks for the three wise men. To the bad children she brings coal and ashes. Now every year in Italy the good and bad children wait for the Befana, their version of Santa Claus.

Mr. Mac’s class is creating a Webquest about Christmas in Cuba

sclausYou are a reporter who has been sent to Cuba to conduct research for an article on how they celebrate Christmas. You will work with a partner to compare and contrast the facts that you have gathered and to write an article about how Christmas is celebrated in Cuba.

At the end of your journey you will discover how Cubans traditionally celebrate this special holiday.

Process: use These Websites to answer the following questions:

Background: For many years Christmas celebrations were frowned upon and in 1969 the Cuban government imposed an outright ban on this cherished holiday.

1. When did they start Celebrating Christmas in Cuba, after it had been banned by Fidel Castro?

2. What does Noche Buena mean? What Date does it take place?

3. Name 4 foods that are traditional to the Cuban Christmas dinner?

4. What are some traditional desserts in Cuba served at Christmas?

5. What is Los Reyas Magos? Describe this traditon.

6.When date do Cubans receive Christmas Gifts?

7.Describe the Cuban Christmas Tree and traditional decorations?

8.Discuss how Cubans celebrate New Years Eve.

9.When did Cuba become a Christian country?

10. What does La Misa De Gallo refer to? What is the English Translation of this word?

After you answer these questions use this information to write your Report on Christmas in Cuba for the Newspaper!