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Ms. Roche’s class all about Elephants.

Elephant Movie On Brainpop

What do you know about Elephants? First blog here what you know about Elephants. Then watch the Brain Pop movie and tell me what you learned.Elephant-elephants-28788752-1024-768


What is a Citizen?

Brainpop movie

Blog answer to the following questions?

What is a citizen?

What is a responsibility?

What is a Leader?

What is a right

Name one responsibility of a citizen?

Ms. Roche’ class What is voting

Yesterday in the cafeteria did you notice machines that  looked like thisALeqM5g1axRJ9YUMBdIqEip2pijLqpRAoQ-1 This a voting machine. It is the time of year when people vote and choose their leaders. Click on the link below to watch the brainpop movie on voting  Use the login information on the board to log in to brainpop.

Brainpop Voting Movie

After the movie we will discuss what you learned. And take the quiz together.