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How to Celebrate Christmas in Spain by Ms. Caputo’s Class

We are learning about Christmas in Spain. We did some research about Christmas in Spain. In Spain they have a tradition called the Hoguerashogueras. This takes place on December 21st. This is an old tradition. In it people jump over small fires on the Winter Solstice the shortest day of the year. They believe this will prevent illness and sickness for the long winter ahead. The fire blesses them for the Winter.

c982re2At Christmas one of the best things they have is the beautiful markets. They are gorgeous. Selling flowers, fruits, candy and all kinds of gifts.

Spain is a catholic country so they are very religious. On Christmas Eve they ring the bells telling everyone to go to Church. This is the mass of Rooster.

75448673_ebcc9012a4The most beautiful of the Candlelit service is in the monastery of Montseratin the high mountains of Barcelona. They also do a Nativity scene that has the baby Jesus in it. The Spanish word for it is Nacimiento.In Barcelona they bring lit candles to the mass. The Spanish call this Mass La Misa Regallo.

Then comes Christmas dinner and it is never eaten until way after midnight, the people do not eat food all day, they fast until the midnight meal. christmas_around_the_world Click on the Christmas quilt to hear a Spanish Christmas carol

After the meal they sing Christmas carols. They sing until the early morning hours. Christmas Day is spent at Church and feasts.